Pure Water

Clean water is a crucial part of maintaining optimum health. Unfortunately, our water supply has become polluted with toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, pathogens and a host of dangerous organic compounds (most of which the EPA doesn’t even track), some of which are disinfection by-products (DBPs) like chloramines, brominated compounds, trihaloacetic acid and trihalomethane to name a few. Not only is it difficult to track the levels of these toxins in our water supply but the synergistic toxicity of the combination of multiple contaminants is felt to be dramatically understudied and under-reported. It is felt by many , that the precipitous rise in autoimmune, endocrine and neurobehavioral disorders (and some cancers) correlates with the dramatic rise in these chemicals in our environment and in our bodies. These chemical provide significant challenges to the healthiest of us but for those with  more sensitive systems or chronic illness it could prevent recovery or result in worsening of symptoms.

Many of us try to prevent exposure by using bottled water or modest filtration for drinking water. This would make sense provided the quality of the bottled water and the filter being used were adequate. Recently studies have shown that the bottling process commonly used contaminates the water with Antimony (a toxic metal) and that prolonged contact with the plastic container and heat will cause the plastic compounds to leech into the water. More importantly, this doesn’t usually address the water used for cooking or the serious toxic exposure that occurs while bathing or showering.

Dr. Levinson strongly recommends “whole house” filtration with catalytic carbon and KDF media as compared to “point of use” filters so that every faucet, showerhead and spigot that your family can access will yield clean water, with significantly fewer contaminants and toxins. This is critical to detoxification and long term health.

If you are uncertain about the quality of water in your home have it tested.  We offer a test that evaluates for heavy metals, pesticides, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Trihalomethanes (e.g chloride, fluoride & bromide compounds).

Dr. Levinson developed a 5 stage whole house filtration system for his family to use and has made it available to his patients and those who are interested.