Meditation to Keep Up with Your Children

Sit cross-legged with a straight spine and the chin in towards the chest with the neck straight. Touch the tip of the thumb to the index finger, while the other finger rest at the bottom of the palm. Focus your eyes at the top of the head (solar center).

Inhale while mentally chanting “Saa Taa” as you focus at the solar center. Exhale while silently chanting “Naa Maa” as you project out of the top of your head mentally. (All the sounds rhyme with the “Aaah” sound.) Continue for up to 31 minutes.

Next bring the the chin up and chant the following mantra rapidly and rhythmically in a monotone, “Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Wahe Guru”. Inhale deeply to finish, hold the breath briefly and then exhale and relax.

Sa, Ta, Na, Ma is Sat Nam broken up into four parts. Sat Nam means “Truth is my name” or “Pure is my essence”  The Sat part means “True or Pure” and “Nam” means identity.