Meditation for Longevity and Freedom from Disease

Sit cross-legged with a straight spine with the hands in “Buddha Mudra” (right hand resting in the left, palms up with the thumb pads touching and pointing forward- position is reversed for women with the hands left over right) with the edge of the palms at the base of the sternum (i.e. the breastbone). Close your eyes.

Inhale in six equal parts and with each segment mentally chant the mantra “Sat Nam”. On the exhale, softly say aloud “Wahe Guru”. Continue for 11 minutes and slowly build up to 22 minutes over time. If during the course of the meditation you feel weak – lay down on your back and “sleep” for a few minutes.


Sat Nam means “Truth is my name” or “Pure is my essence”  The Sat part means “True or Pure” and “Nam” means identity.

“Wa hey Guru” means ecstasy beyond words.