The Vitality Cleanse Testimonials

“The Vitality Cleanse is an experience necessary to experience change.  When you’re cleaner, there’s more control. The Cleanse made me like a child coming into awareness and I had never pampered myself that much. The treatments at the clinic were all spectacular—they made me aware of things I never saw before and for the first time, I sensed energy moving in my system. I loved it.”
– HM, retired optometrist

“The diet was no problem—I could live on it!” – AK, attorney

“The diet was very do-able. Those 9 days raised my consciousness. Overall, it was wonderful—I’m so glad I did it!” – JG

“It was the best gift I could have given myself. The Cleanse taught me a new way to cook with new flavors I have never used before…it was full of surprises and great combinations….The treatments helped me to let go, while the yoga helped me to breathe more and make new space in my body. My skin is totally different. I achieved true rest.  I feel calmer, more secure, and more positive now” – BS

“The treatments were the best!  I loved being in such capable hands. I would recommend the Vitality Cleanse to everybody. It was not only a cleansing experience, but I learned that I could actually eat and be healthy!”- LG