XRF Testing for Heavy Metals

Parents often struggle to make their homes safe for their children and when you combine teething toddlers and cheap imports, the result is often children with toxic loads of Lead, Cadmium and other heavy metals.

The most decisive way to test for these toxins is through X-ray flouroscopy. Technology has advanced to the point that these devices are hand-held; and despite their futuristic Star Trek “phaser-like” looks,  they are safe and easy to use.

Handheld XRF Device

You simply hold the tip against the object in question (e.g. the sole of a flip-flop, the inside of a coffee mug or kitchen plate, the enamel of your bath tub), pull the trigger  and within 30 seconds a read-0ut on screen will tell you the elements (toxic and non-toxic) and the levels at which they are present in parts per million. There are many companies that rent these devices though you should make certain that they are programmed to test for all the elements you have questions about.