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As a thought leader, lecturing and training physicians around the world on novel treatments for complex issues - including immune hyperactivation and inflammation - Dr. Levinson has implemented and maintained dynamic, individualized treatment plans for patients all over the world for more than two decades. Become a patient


Having the right resources and guidance can make the difference between sickness and health. From the correct supplements and nutrition, to behavioral techniques, stress management and mindful choices, we’ve put together a tool-kit for your vitality. See treatments


Regardless of the cause, coming back from an extreme illness is a process. Dr. Levinson is expert in resolving the most complex issues, including the aftermath of brain injuries, cancer, infectious and autoimmune disease. See treatments

Mental Health

As a psychiatrist and mind-body expert, Dr. Levinson’s comprehensive approach focuses on more natural and time-honored treatments before the use of pharmaceuticals. Learn more

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Experts in Western and Integrative Medicine, Vitality Health & Wellness leverages cutting-edge medical technology, artfully merged with age-old principles. Learn more


Our formulas are individually selected by Dr. Levinson, using only the highest quality vitamins, minerals and ingredients chosen for synergy, potency and purity. We’re well-stocked and able to support our patients when supplies run low elsewhere. Shop


“Last week, Dr.  Levinson saved my life.  My husband and I developed Covid-19 symptoms while staying in the Caribbean. We went to the ER and were sent home with clear X-rays,  pending tests for Coronavirus and a prescription for Mucinex DM.  The next day I awoke in a cold sweat, felt like I couldn’t expand my lungs and had a terrible heaviness in my joints. It was bad and I was scared. I called Dr. Levinson’s office and he was able to take my appointment over the phone. I wasn’t surprised when he immediately proffered data from emerging studies around the globe and presented me with options. … He had earned my trust years ago, so we immediately scrambled to pick up the prescriptions and equipment he recommended. A few days AFTER I started taking my prescription, the same medicine started appearing in news articles around the world as “showing promise.”  Over the next several days, I made tremendous improvements; my joints stopped hurting, I was able to breathe easier and was able to come off the oxygen he prescribed and best of all was able to stay home as he managed my care from afar…  Dr. Levinson has approached my cases determined to find a solution as if I were a member of the family, not just another patient.  I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who demands the best of the best and consider him to be my guardian angel.