The Practice

We pride ourselves on the depth, breadth and expertise of services that we offer. With expertise in Western Medical and Naturopathy, we leverage cutting edge medical technology and artfully merge it with age-old principles. The following short list gives a sense of the type of care we excel in:

Functional & Integrative Medicine

At Vitality Health & Wellness,  we prefer the elegant and efficient method of clearing issues at their source. Since most illness results from a failure of the bodies normal physiologic function (whether it be immune, glandular, digestive, inflammatory, or detoxification), the downstream effects either contribute to or cause the symptoms experienced. By intervening at the problem’s origins, a “cure” becomes possible and symptoms can often be resolved permanently.

Functional Medicine involves focused testing to search for metabolic, endocrine and/or digestive abnormalities. These types of abnormalities can result a variety of behavioral changes and worsening psychiatric symptoms; in addition to a host of physical ailments (e.g. insomnia, headache, chronic fatigue, and irritable bowel, to mention only a few).

Western Medicine

We believe in the value of scientific pursuit and the foundation created by the rigors of a modern medical education and appreciate, sometimes with awe, the power of allopathic (mainstream) interventions. Western Medicine has a place and when used appropriately can be critically important in the treatment of certain illnesses and to help stabilize body systems that are “going haywire”.   Dr. Levinson presents many options as part of the individualized treatment plan that he collaboratively creates with each patient. This is done openly and directly to make certain that not only are you making the correct choice but that you are making an informed decision as well.

This balance of respect and critical thinking is what separates Vitality Health & Wellness from other care centers. Our approaches are theoretically sound and openly discussed; thus allowing us to create a plan that may be “out of the box” but lands right on target.

Childhood and Adolescent Medicine

At Vitality Health & Wellness, we have an open door to discuss all options for your child’s health from the use of antibiotics and natural remedies to up-to-date information about vaccines. Though western medically trained, we are passionate about diet, natural medicine and homeopathy as safer, less toxic options for dealing with your child’s ailments. We offer consultative care addressing medical ailments, and emotional and learning difficulties. Though we are happy to be your sole provider,we are willing to support you in being able to make informed decisions about the feedback and direction given by your primary care physician or working with them as part of your health team.

Orthomolecular and Traditional Psychiatry

Orthomolecular is a term that comes from ortho, which is Greek for “correct” or “right,” and “molecule,” which is the simplest structure that displays the characteristics of a compound. So it literally means the “right molecule.”

Orthomolecular medicine, a term coined by two time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, describes the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the body with optimal amounts of substances which are natural to the body.

At Vitality we offer individualized treatment plans and integrative therapy for those with neuropsychiatric symptoms searching for natural intervention. While we often find commonality among patients with Autistic Spectrum Disorders; Attention Deficit Disorders (with or without hyperactivity); or Mood, Thought, and Movement disorders each patient is distinct and therefore our recommendations are individualized.

We believe that for the majority of these disorders symptoms are rooted in underlying biological abnormalities. Following a detailed medical history review we run several tests to help determine which lines of therapy to begin. We believe that health problems don’t exist in a vacuum and that determining where problems lie outside the nervous system leads to resolving problems with the nervous system. Our goal is to help patients get off psychotropic medications or maintain the lowest possible dose supported by naturopathic intervention. When absolutely necessary we will consider the use of prescriptive agents; however, this is usually used as a last resort.

Dr. Levinson also offers psychotherapy to some of his clients that is tailored to be focused and usually of a short duration. His style is unique but is an amalgamation of Gestalt, Reichian and other eclectic therapeutic schools and designed to make dramatic change possible in the shortest amount of time.  The decision to do this work with adults, adolescents or couples is on a case-by-case basis.


Aside from the imaginary realm of cyrogenics, there is no way to stop aging completely; however, we make the process more graceful and less noticeable. First seen in the Discovery Health Channel’s series “Ten Years Younger,” Dr. Levinson’s dramatically successful approach has been refined significantly over the last decade. Through a combination of lifestyle, diet, anti-oxidant and vitamin therapy; along with medical treatments that reverse inflammation and make sense; you will become noticeably healthier, more fit and embody the vitality, health & wellness that is your birthright.

Peak Physique and Performance

Whether you are a weekend warrior, a professional athlete or a passionate player, we are uniquely qualified to help you excel, reach your goals and eradicate your restrictions. Regardless of what your challenges may be our systematic approach will help you reach your potential.

We have successfully worked with players from the NFL, the MLB, professional dancers, renown yogis and champion golfers and adventure racers. We are uniquely capable of finding and resolving most any problem with utmost confidentiality.

Contact us to so we can discuss what we can do for you.


Although we would prefer to see all our patients in the clinic, we realize that it isn’t always possible. The unique nature of our practice draws patients from across the globe and we have developed the systems and processes necessary to provide effective care without local contact. Contact with our practitioners is primarily through phone consultations. Our patients complete lab testing either in their homes or go to local laboratory for evaluations. In states where we are licensed (NY, CA, FL) we can arrange for many treatments to be done in the comfort of your home.

Don’t let your location stand in the way of working with Vitality. Contact us to schedule a phone consultation, even if you live out of the area.