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Why (Unfortunately) You Need To Take Your Vitamins

As far back as 1946, the government published a recommended balanced diet based on The Basic Seven (yes, food groups) which evolved into several decades of “food pyramids” and in 2011 “My Plate” was introduced.  The good news is with this evolution and the introduction of My Plate, the identified food groups have been reduced […]


Pure Water

Clean water is a crucial part of maintaining optimum health. Unfortunately, our water supply has become polluted with toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, pathogens and a host of dangerous organic compounds (most of which the EPA doesn’t even track), some of which are disinfection by-products (DBPs) like chloramines, brominated compounds, trihaloacetic acid and trihalomethane to name […]


The Vitality Cleanse Testimonials

“The Vitality Cleanse is an experience necessary to experience change.  When you’re cleaner, there’s more control. The Cleanse made me like a child coming into awareness and I had never pampered myself that much. The treatments at the clinic were all spectacular—they made me aware of things I never saw before and for the first […]


The Yeast-Free/Candida Diet

The Yeast-Free or Candida diet is used when test results and/or a patient’s pattern of physical symptoms suggest the presence of intractable candidiasis, or yeast syndrome. In many, symptoms of yeast syndrome range from fatigue, digestive problems, and recurrent yeast infections, to irritability, memory loss and depression. Yeast overgrowth has also been found to be […]