Stephanie Horvath

Article from Palm Beach Post: Families hope, critics scoff CONTROVERSIAL TREATMENT: Alexis Winter, 6, has received chelation at a Miami Beach clinic. Her parents have seen her improve, but others express doubt in the treatment. Photo: Steve Mitchell STRICT REGIMEN: Alexis takes 20 supplements a day and eats a wheat- and dairy-free diet. Twice a […]


Three years ago I experienced my first “bodywork” session  after I came to your center with a diagnosis of Lupus & secondary Fibromyalgia. My hands, arms and legs were not functioning and I was living with tremendous pain. The bodywork with Dr. Levinson…changed my life tremendously in many ways. My experiences were deep and extremely […]


Dear Dr. Levinson, Our 31 month old son, S. was diagnosed with Autism at 24 months, in October 2006. I am a linguist and researcher by profession, and my husband’s background is in psychology. We wasted no time voraciously reading every reputable medical document published both in the US and Europe regarding treatment for Autism. […]

Mr. and Mrs. D

We heard Dr. Levinson speak at U.C. Davis in June of 2005. I dragged my reluctant husband down there in the middle of the week and the rain.  Our son has Asperger’s Syndrome and we knew from a very young age he wasn’t the same as other kids.  He was hypersensitive to temperature, a little […]