Mr. and Mrs. D

We heard Dr. Levinson speak at U.C. Davis in June of 2005. I dragged my reluctant husband down there in the middle of the week and the rain.  Our son has Asperger’s Syndrome and we knew from a very young age he wasn’t the same as other kids.  He was hypersensitive to temperature, a little slow to talk and very clumsy. He had chronic sinus infections and ran very high fevers when ill. He didn’t do well in school but developed the verbal skills of a child 4 years older. He couldn’t sit still and in 3rd grade started to have night terrors.

We took him to U.C. Davis and they diagnosed him with ADHD with an anxiety disorder and prescribed Ritalin.  The Ritalin caused him to be psychotic and suicidal. After that he required Benedryl to sleep for 5 years. It had to be given at a specific time or he would awaken with nightmares.  He was on Zoloft and then they added Trileptal to control his mood.  He still was not doing well in school or socially.

We heard you speak and listened to “try the baths and diet for two weeks”. We went home and decided to start immediately.  We told our son we were doing an experiment for two weeks and bribed him. We didn’t want to go down the path of more drugs to cover symptoms.

Within 3 weeks of going gluten/casein free and doing Epsom salt baths we took him off the Benedryl and he had no more nightmares. He is tall and thin but the “pot belly” went away very quickly. We started supplements, stayed on the diet and then started chelation. The results are astounding. Once he discovered that there were many things that he could eat and that he felt so much better he was ok with the diet.  As a freshman in high school he is in a regular classroom and he is learning to manage his anxiety, cook gluten free and be a regular kid. There are times he is made fun of and times he wishes he could eat “like everyone else” but at those times we remind him that this is saving his life and giving him mental and physical health.

I believe with all my heart that Dr. Levinson has given my son an opportunity for a full, happy and productive life. He knows how to buy, cook and order and eat out and still be gluten and casein free. He went to Washington, D.C.for a week with his class last June and had a wonderful time.  We shipped snacks, he ordered his own food and he brought enzymes. He had a great time.

For those parents that are afraid or minimize their children’s struggles, we say that although scary at first it is so worth the journey. Our son is loving, intelligent, happy and unique but for the world he is a normal teenager.  He has a full life of possibilities ahead for him and we attribute this to Dr. Levinson. For parents wondering if it is too late, we say that you can do the diet, bath, supplement, and chelation with an older kid. We started when our son was 13. Dr. Levinson also has a wonderful way of relating to our son that has helped support these changes. We consider Dr. Levinson our son’s guardian angel and we are forever grateful to him and his loving staff.

Mr. and Mrs. D