Dear Dr. Levinson,

Our 31 month old son, S. was diagnosed with Autism at 24 months, in October 2006. I am a linguist and researcher by profession, and my husband’s background is in psychology. We wasted no time voraciously reading every reputable medical document published both in the US and Europe regarding treatment for Autism.

I bluntly asked if you could cure our son. You assured me of his recovery and you were correct. Our son is living testament to the fact that a child can achieve outstanding improvement despite receiving a diagnosis of Autism. A world leading neurologist examined our son this week, and suggested removing his diagnosis by age 3.

At age 2, S. had no babbling and no speech, and appeared lost in his own world. He avoided direct eye contact. We switched to a GFCF immediately. Our family diet is vegan organic,since we have been practioners of yoga and meditation for over 20 years. Further restrictions challenged our diet in a positive way, promoting even healthier eating habits that we now all benefit from.

S. received over 11 treatments for IV chelation that drastically reduced his heavy metal toxicity. S. still takes all prescribed supplements and daily Epsom salt baths. We are still in the chelation process and intend to continue until his levels are within normal range.

He is gradually learning to speak and is a calm, happy delightful child and a pleasure to all who meet him. He is extremely social and affectionate.

I am so grateful that our extensive research directed us to Vitality Health and Wellness. Thank you Dr. Levinson, and all your wonderful staff!

May 2007