Three years ago I experienced my first “bodywork” session  after I came to your center with a diagnosis of Lupus & secondary Fibromyalgia. My hands, arms and legs were not functioning and I was living with tremendous pain. The bodywork with Dr. Levinson…changed my life tremendously in many ways. My experiences were deep and extremely powerful. I regained the use of my hands and arms and … I remain to this day very moved and inspired by my experiences.

I am writing simply to express my gratitude and to let you know that the gift of healing that was shared with me in your office inspired me to change the course of my life. I work now as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki practitioner and a teacher of therapeutic Qi Gong and Tai chi. There is a little bit of (Dr. Levinson) … in everything I do, so I just wanted to drop a little email to say THANKS ..(the) compassion and healing touch continues within me as marvelous gift that keeps on giving every day.