“For twenty-five years, I suffered from intestinal candidiasis, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, fatigue, muscular and joint pain, psychotic symptoms and phobias. In 1998, I met Andrew Levinson, M.D. and he treated me with alternative therapies. Today, I feel much better overall and for this reason, I’d like to express my deep appreciation for his medical […]


Three years ago I experienced my first “bodywork” session  after I came to your center with a diagnosis of Lupus & secondary Fibromyalgia. My hands, arms and legs were not functioning and I was living with tremendous pain. The bodywork with Dr. Levinson…changed my life tremendously in many ways. My experiences were deep and extremely […]


Dr. Levinson, I attended your ” Yogic Neuromuscular Therapy” workshop at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY at the beginning of July with my son-in-law, P. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend- very glad I decided to attend despite a disappointing workshop the year before. It was funny, informative, spiritual, and decidedly UN-mainstream–definitely memorable! I’m writing to give […]


Dr. Levinson, I would like to thank you again a billion times over from the bottom of my heart for helping us recover B. from Autism. There are NO words to describe that wonderful, most overwhelming feeling. The day he was diagnosed, I vowed to defeat it and I would not allow that to happen […]


I just wanted share this with Dr. Levinson, because this progress has come about since A. has been under his care. This e- mail is from his teacher. She did not see him from June 4th to August 21st. This is only his second week in school. She does not know of the new interventions […]


Hi Andrew and Staff, T. is now on the Taurine (one cap), Cod Liver Oil (1tsp), and MethlylAid (2 caps) (completely switched over from the DMG) and he is doing great. Everyone including his teachers have noticed more attention, more eye contact, more appropriate play, more words added to his vocabulary and less run around, […]


Dear Dr. Levinson, My husband and I both took days off from work to give J. a break from school and pressure during this “regression” or whatever this was during the week. He returned to himself – as you said he would …. As a quick note……I wanted to tell you how J. feels about […]


Dr Levinson, C. is now on the multivitamin ( for 5 days) and the cod liver oil (as of today). He has been doing great. He has been getting his Epsom salt baths as well. I cannot get over C’s interactions with everyone now, especially his triplet sisters. It has brought tears to my eyes. […]


My boys had their well child visits today with our local pediatrician, Dr. K., (AKA Mr. “I do whatever the American Academy of Pediatrics says”), anyway, he actually told me that he did not think it was wise at this time to give J. his vaccinations because he now personally believes that ASD can be […]


This testimonial is to express my deep admiration and respect I have for you and your professionalism. Since June, I discovered meditation and the power it has to heal (from your classes). Recently, I have discovered the power of healing you provide through more conventional methods (at your clinic). This combination soothes both the soul […]