Heartbeat Meditation

Sitting comfortably, place all four fingertips of the right hand in a line on the inside of the wrist (thumb side / not pinky finger side). Place them gently so as to feel your pulse with each of those four fingers. Your eyes are closed with your mental focus at the “third eye point” (one half inch up from the root of the nose and an inch to three inches into the skull). Feel the pulse with your fingers and also at your third eye. Feel soothed and self-affirmed by the beat. Mentally chant one syllable of the mantra “Sa, Ta, Na, Ma” which means “Infinity, Life, Death, Rebirth”.You can link to the beat the Bij Mantra – “Sat Nam,” which means “truth is my name”  as well. The time for this meditation is open but 11 minutes is a good length of time. To finish: inhale deeply and hold the breath briefly then relax.

This meditation brings inner harmony to balance any outer disharmony as it cleanses and purifies the mind.