To Brian Williams (MSNBC): My son was diagnosed with autism at age 28 months. The child neurologist said that the best we could hope for was “simple math” and the worst was that he would not live independantly. I chose not to accept that. After 2.5 years of working with a physician (Andrew Levinson, MD) who is part of the Defeat Autism Now movement, my beautiful little boy not only has recovered medically and behaviorally but is going to one of the most prestigious private schools in the southeast next year as a kindergarten student. As an educated parent (I have a doctorate), I knew that a child does not develop normally for a period of time and then regress without a definable cause. We found that cause with my son through the Defeat Autism Now Movement.

Every parent and child deserves to hear that autism is treatable, that it’s roots have a biomedical basis, and that these children are physically ill with treatable conditions. Do your homework, look into this movement. Present the full story. To be able to pass on information that could help so many is so powerful, but to disregard it is unthinkable.

Thank you, J.A.