Vitality Cleanse

A complete detoxification protocol for the mind, body and spirit, the Vitality Cleanse is a unique 9-day detoxification and revitalization program that can be done at home or in our clinic. The Vitality Cleanse is designed to rid the body of toxins, resulting in improved energy, strengthened immune system, re-balanced digestion among many other benefits.  This cleanse will help facilitate not only a physical but also an emotional detoxification, which will serve as a catalyst for change in your life.  Designed by Dr. Levinson, the protocol is centered around a comprehensive meal plan based on the principles of alkalizing and whole foods, and is complimented by specific detoxifying supplements, tools, specific yogic exercises and meditations.

The in-office program begins with an initial consultation to discuss your long term health goals, details of the program and assist you in preparing for the week to come. By participating in the center-based cleanse, you will have the opportunity to have an intravenous vitamin infusion for further detoxification, the use of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and possibly other therapies as prescribed by Dr. Levinson. You will also be provided with a comprehensive manual that includes recipes, instructions and a resource guide so that the experience can fit into your lifestyle. The at-home program includes the manual, supplements, and tools to make the program a success as well. Please contact us to discuss how the Vitality Cleanse can work for you.

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