Bodywork can be a critical piece in the puzzle to many ailments. This powerful practice provides immediate relief to trauma survivors as well as sufferers of injury and chronic pain. Dr. Levinson has successfully treated professional athletes, rape and trauma survivors and hundreds of patients with physical and emotional trauma who have found little resolution with other therapies

In contrast to conventional massage, Dr. Levinson offers Psychodynamic Bodywork, which is a neuromuscular therapy  unlike any mainstream therapy. The work is an amalgamation of Dr. Levinson’s Neo-Reichian studies into “character armor” and the extensive training and apprenticeship in neuromuscular therapy he received  in the early 1990s. The technique involves the use of the blade of the hand or side of the forearm to apply pressure to soft-tissue and fascia. After this pressure is applied the tissue is lengthened (maintaining traction) and then “unwound” by introducing a spiral movement into the tissue. Unlike standard massage, patients are fully clothed and work with Dr. Levinson personally to release physical and/or emotional trauma stored in the body’s tissue. Although this process can be uncomfortable in the moment, it can result in tremendous relief of symptoms, “breakthroughs” (as noted by other therapists involved in that person’s care) and occasionally catharsis of emotion and an immediate reduction in physical symptoms (see testimonials).