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This combination of Methylaid Capsules, UltraPure Fish Oil and Vitality Spectrum Support represents three key interventions to support metabolic challenges often seen in children on the autism spectrum.

Children with developmental delay on the autism spectrum have many similar nutritional needs. These three products are frequently recommended to our patients just starting out.  When seeing patients, Dr. Levinson recommends starting with a low dose and increasing slowly; one product at a time. By buying them together we offer you a substantial savings to help you get started. MethylAid to support healthy carbon metabolism and brain and physiologic improvements. Vitality Spectrum Support is a full-complement of vitamins and nutrients to help with key metabolic processes, 120 capsules that can be opened and mixed into food or a beverage. Pure Omega Fish Oil  is our highest potency liquid Omega-3 to support brain balance and cognitive function.

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